2 slices of ginger root

½ tsp of sesame seed oil

8 cups of chicken broth

Salt (according to taste)

Black pepper (according to taste)

1 green onion, chopped fine (optional)

1 carrot cut in thin stripes (optional)

¼ lb of sugar peas cut in thin stripes (optional)

1 small zucchini in slices (optional)

40 won ton noodles, I package (follow basic recipe)

In an 8qt soup pot mix broth, ginger, sesame oil and salt. Bring it to boil, cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Turn burner to medium heat. When broth is boiling, add won ton noodles and cook until noodles are done (about 8 minutes or until meat inside of won ton turn lightly brown). Turn off heat. Serve immediately. Add black pepper if desired. Garnish with chopped green onions, carrots, zucchini, and sugar peas.

Won Ton noodles

1 package of won ton wrappers


½ lb of ground pork

1 egg

1 tsp of soy sauce

¼ tsp of salt

1 green onion, chopped fine

1 tsp. of Sherry cooking wine (optional)

Mix all ingredients. Spoon about ¼ tsp. of filling in each wrap and follow diagram directions from package.

Other suggestions:

Fry won tons with sweet and sour sauce

-Won ton noodles

-3 cups of Canola oil

Deep fry won tons in medium-hot oil until golden brown. Place on a plate with paper towel to remove excess oil. Serve with sweet and sour sauce.

Sweet Sour Sauce

¼ cup catsup

¼ cup sugar

1 cup water

¼ cup white vinegar

2 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in 3 tablespoons of water

½ green pepper, cut into squares (optional)

2 tablespoons canned pineapple chunks (optional)

Pot Stickers or Dumplings

1/2 lb. of ground pork

1 Tb of Dark Soy Sauce

1 big or two small cloves of Garlic (pressed)

1 Tb of Cilantro (chopped)

1 cup of Nampa Cabbage (chopped fine) optional

2 packages of round wrappings

2 green onions (chopped fine)

Preparation: Mix pork, soy sauce, green onions, garlic, nampa cabbage, and cilantro, set aside. Place about ½ tsp of pork mixture on center of wrapper. Moist the edges of wrapper with water. Fold it in half and seal edges.

Soy sauce-rice vinegar

3 Tbs. of Dark Kikkoman Soy Sauce

3 Tbs. of cold water

3 Tbs. of Rice Vinegar

A pinch of Sugar

A pinch of Black Pepper

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and serve with dumplings

Pan Fry Style:

Heat 1 Tb of oil in fry pan at medium heat. Spread oil in fry pan evenly. Place pot stickers on fry pan and brown both sides, about a minute each side.

Add ¼ cup of water and cover. Cook for 5 minutes. Remove lid and let them cook until water is gone. Cook the other side for 2 minutes. Remove to a plate. Serve with soy sauce-rice vinegar.

Steam Pot Stickers

Spray Pan on steamer trays and place pot stickers on them. Cover and cook for 15 minutes. Remove to a plate. Serve with soy sauce-rice vinegar dip.

Deep Fry

Heat 3 cups of oil at medium heat. Drop pot stickers in hot oil. Turn them over as they turn golden brown. Remove to a plate that is cover with paper towel.

Chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce

1 Lb. chicken fillet, cut into 1½ inches pieces

1 teaspoon of salt

1 egg

6 tablespoons cornstarch

2 cups oil for deep-frying


6 tablespoons tomato catsup

6 tablespoons white vinegar

6 tablespoons sugar

1 ½ cups cold water

3 tablespoons cornstarch, dissolved in 3 tablespoons of water

½ onion, cut into ½ cubes (optional)

½ green pepper, cut into ½ inch cubes

10 pineapple chunks

Combine chicken with salt, egg, and cornstarch.  Mix well with hand.  Heat oil to 400 degrees.  Drop chicken into oil one piece at a time.  Deep-fry until crispy (about 3 minutes).  Remove chicken and set aside.

Sauce: Put catsup, vinegar, sugar, and water into saucepan. Bring to boil.  Stir in dissolved cornstarch.  Add onion, pepper, and pineapple at the last minute.

Reheat oil to 400 degrees.  Fry chicken 1 minute more, separating the pieces (I don’t do this step).  Remove to platter.  Pour sauce over chicken.  Serve hot over steam rice.

*This is a light version of this dish. 

*The batter can also be done with 6 tablespoons of flour, ½ teaspoon of baking soda, a pinch of black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, a pinch of sugar, and 6 tablespoons of cold water.