Arequipa is well known as the "White City." The Misty Volcano and the Monastery De Santa Catalina are the main attractions among other places to visit. Beautiful valleys, farms, historical houses, museums, churches, and more are in the city and around. The colonial style of the buildings and bridges are a reminder of the Spanish people that conquered and settled in this land. In spite of the oppresion of the conqueres the native have preserved their culture and traditions. The Inca influence still remainds in farming the land, music, housing, craft, and clothing. The Spanish influence is more noticed in the paintings, sculptures, jewelry found in the churches and museums. The food is delicious and there are a vaiety of fine restaurants all over the city. Some of them have musical entertainment during the lunch hour and dinner time. One of my favorite dishes is Ocopa a la Arequipena (a sauce made of peanuts, cheese, hot sauce, and Huacatay served over potatoes). The weather is great. I was in Arequipa last August. It was warm and sunny during the day and a little cool in the evening. Best months to go between May and October. The city is clean and have wided open roads. There are great shopping centers that fit you buget and your taste. The people are friendly and they are always willing to help you with your needs.  Next time I am planning to stay several days to know more about this incredible city.